Towards Reliable, Reproducible and Standardized MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Quality assessment, standardization and reproducibility in MALDI MSI - MALDISTAR

The MALDISTAR project aims at improving standardization and reproducibility for MALDI imaging applications. Focusing on pilot scenarios in imaging of peptides and small molecules from FFPE and fresh-frozen tissue, we are investigating and developing methods for quality assessment, data normalization and enhanced data comparability. 

01 / QQ Metrics

Develop quantitative quality metrics (QQ Metrics) that allow evaluating whether a given MALDI MSI dataset should be rejected or is of sufficient quality for a given analysis task, or whether multiple datasets show sufficiently similar characteristics in order to be analyzed collectively.

MALDISTAR is kindly funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation (grant 00.010.2019).

MALDISTAR partners with the
Junior Research Group "MALDI Imaging"

The MALDISTAR team is pleased to announce a community partnership with Dr. Melanie Föll and her Junior Research Group "MALDI Imaging" at the Institute for Surgical Pathology, University of Freiburg. With their long-term experience in reproducible research, MALDI MSI data analysis, and applications of MALDI Imaging in pathology, Melanie and her team are looking forward to contributing to the goals of the MALDISTAR project.

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Peter Maass


Alexander Denker

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Denis Abu Sammour


Carsten Hopf


Henrik Harms

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Tobias Boskamp
(Bruker Daltonics)


Melanie Föll

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Balluff

Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Maastricht University

The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Ferdinand von Eggeling

MALDI Imaging

University Hospital Jena


Prof. Dr. Charles Pineau

Inserm Unit 1085

Protim - University of Rennes


Prof. Dr. Pierre Chaurand

Imaging Mass Spectrometry Lab

Université de Montreal




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